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Mid Term meeting summary- Viet Nam 2010 12/25/2010 10:10:43 AM


IAEA/RCA Mid-Term Review Meeting of the RCA project on Applying Advanced Digital Industrial Radiology and Computed Tomography in Industry and Civil Engineering
Hanoi, Vietnam2-6 August 2010

Country Report – Vietnam Summary


The Report  was presented by NPC and Mr. Nguyen Bao Khue , that covered the broad scopes of:

  1. An overview of NDT Activities in Vietnam
  2. The current status of the application of DR and CT
  3. Participation in the regional activities under the project RAS/8/110
  4. The implementation of the national work plan
  5. Current status of certification of NDT personnel and adoption of the MRA

6.      Future plan

Some applications in the field of Oil & Gas industry, Power industry, Chemical plant, Shipbuilding , Construction are presented  by Mr. Nguyen Bao Khue.  In this part, the most important is focused on CR for Radiography.

In general, the information is on:

1.      Now, Vietnam has 45 NDT Companies, 1200 technicians ( NDT level 3: 150). From 2010 the advanced NDT ( CR, Phase Array, TOFD) methods are started development.

2.      CR technique is mentioned to develope strongly in the future  in the field of Medical and Industrial in VN.

3.      For the work plan: almost items are implemented   according to  the scheldul. The NCB is not established yet, maybe in 2011/2012.

4.       Future plan:

-          The Low cost Digiatal Fluoroscope Radio 5000 will be developed.

-          The Industrial NDT X-ray equipment (With T4777 controller) will be manufactured in cooperation with China.

-          To conduct the project on NDT inspection in Nuclear Power Plant ( Staff training, Equipment, Documentation).

The first NPP will be constructed in 2014 in Vietnam and running in 2020.




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