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Malaysia international NDT conference and exhibition 2011 8/1/2011 9:45:29 AM MINDTCE 11, 21st-22nd November 2011: Event MSNT Members Cannot Miss Preparation for the main event in Malaysian NDT calendar is going very smoothly. Program has been arranged by the Technical Committee that involved 2 invited speakers from Korea and another 2 from Malaysia. In addition to this, 34 papers authored by scientists and technologists from 9 different countries will also be presented. Meanwhile all exhibition booths that will display the latest equipment and system in NDT and welding are fully booked and there you will be able to see the most modern technology that may be able to help you to reduce the operational cost of your organizations, or that may allow you to extend your valuable services to your client.
 MSNT together with our collaborator MWJS are preparing the best for you and in return we expect you to give us good respond. We hope that all organizations dealing with NDT that include NDT Companies, NDT Training Institutes, NDT Research institutes, Universities offering NDT as a subject,NDT equipment supplier,NDT beneficiaries and everyone else, will join us in Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson on that date. PLEASE REGISTER NOW TO AVOID CONGESTION AT THE LAST MINUTE.

Visit by KNDT Representatives

Two representatives of a Korean NDT Company known as KNDT have paid a visit to see the MSNT President on 23rd June 2011. The purpose of his visit is to get to know NDT activities in Malaysia and to search for a possible collaboration with Malaysian NDT Companies in area of advance NDT Technologies. During this discussion it was identified that NDT for nuclear power inspection would become an area where Malaysian NDT company can learn from their counterpart in Korea.

Korean NDT Companies have extensive experience in the NDT

for nuclear power plant components.

After series of discussions, finally the Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Human Resource formally recognized MSNT as the Lead Industrial Body for NDT. Such recognition came through a letter dated 6th June 2011 signed by Dr Pang Chau Leong, The Director General of The Department of Skill Manpower Development.With this recognition, it is expected that MSNT will have better role in determining the future of NDT qualification and certification scheme. MSNT members thanks Dr Pang for his role and support in ensuring that Malaysians have better opportunity to be trained and certified through a high quality scheme accepted by industries.

 Malaysian Radiographers set a record of highest exposed group of radiation workers again in 2010
  Once again Malaysian radiographers made a record. For 2010, industrial radiographers constitute only about 6.28% of the total radiation workers in Malaysia but absorbed 55.28% of the amount of dose absorbed by the whole radiation workers. These figures have been revealed the MSNT President during his presentation in a conference organized by the Malaysian Association of Radiation Protection (MARPA) in Langkawi on 7th June 2011. According to his paper, the average dose absorbed by each radiographer throughout 2010 is 4.24mSv as compared with 0.12mSv, and 0.29 mSv for those who work in other industrial sectors and medical sectors respectively.All parties especially the radiographers themselves as well as the Radiation Protection officers for NDT companies are urged to take necessary measures to ensure that workers are protected during the course of their work.


Dr Pang (right) has been a very strong supporter for the development of Malaysian

NDT qualification and certification scheme.

MALAYSIAN SOCIETY FOR NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING (MSNT) Industrial Technology Division (BTI), Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia), Bangi, 43000 Kajang, Selangor. Tel: 03-89250510, Fax: 03-89250907, e-mail:
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